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Welcome to Outland
A Guide to Outland
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Classes of Outland
Character Creation
Societies of Outland
Geography of Outland
Creatures of Outland
Magic of Outland

"Allow peasants to vote, and society will collapse in hours."
     - Mandagar Hepsilver

The entirety of Outland is ruled from Stronghold, a walled city located in the south-central portion of the valley (on the shores of the Aludian Ocean). Stronghold (and therefore, Outland) is ruled by the Dominion Council (which consists of the Lord Chancellor and The Council of Nine). Each position is filled by appointment by a body called the Aphaesum (a group of sages). The Aphaesum appoint Flag of Outlandcouncil members based upon observed intelligence and wisdom (a would-be council member submits to a barrage of tests). The Aphaesum are closely linked with the Mentors.

The Council of Nine and the Lord Chancellor meet together in the Dominion Hall. They decide matters of import to both Stronghold and the land at large (local decisions are handled locally). Each member of the Council of Nine has one vote in Council, while the Lord Chancellor has two. When considering issues which affect the entirety of Outland, the Lord Chancellor has the power to veto any vote. However, use of this power allows the Council to call for a Vote of Advisement. Under this vote, the Councilors can vote to remove the Lord Chancellor from his seat (but this require seven out of nine votes).

Individual villages are ruled by an elected mayor, who serves a 3 year stint before elections are called again. Mayors must be approved by the Dominion Council, and must receive at least 7 out of the 11 possible votes.