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Welcome to Outland
A Guide to Outland
Races of Outland
Classes of Outland
Character Creation
Societies of Outland
Geography of Outland
Creatures of Outland
Magic of Outland

"Life is like a song - the best ones end all too quickly, while the worst seem to last forever."
     - Unknown bard

LystrosLystros is well-known and respected in Outland. However, most Outlanders refuse to mention her name, or even to hint as to her existence. Most people believe that merely mentioning a god's name attracts her attention - and in the case of Lystros, no one really wants her attention.

There are few Lystrian clerics in Outland. Those there are tend to travel from village to town, seeing to funeral arrangements wherever they go. These clerics are almost ignored by those around them - it is considered rude and ill-mannered to to speak to a cleric of Lystros unless spoken to first. Most pretend that the cleric does not even exist, in a vain hope that by shunning death, death can be avoided.