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Welcome to Outland
A Guide to Outland
Races of Outland
Classes of Outland
Character Creation
Societies of Outland
Geography of Outland
Creatures of Outland
Magic of Outland

"The warrior is strong of mind, the mage is sharp of wit.
The cleric's mind is wise and bold, the rogue is lean and fit.
But foolish is the one who strives to face life all alone,
For Champions face the world as one, never on their own."

     - "The Pledge of the Champion"

Outland plays host to many of the standard AD&D adventuring classes. In fact, their somewhat xenophobic nature has lead them to constantly prepare for struggle. Thus, adventurer-class individuals are fairly common here. In a village of some 300 individuals, chances are good that around thirty of them will be "classed". Many of these individuals are low level - those who failed to get into the Champions, or once there, failed to become a Warden or Knight (see Organizations of Outland for more details).

The following traditional classes are available for play in Outland: fighter, paladin, ranger, mage, specialist mage (except for wild magic), cleric (of any god of Tryll), rogue, and bard. There are no psionicists in Outland - the Mentors oppose psionics of any kind, and are ruthless in hunting down any psionically capable individuals. In addition to the standard AD&D classes, there are three specialty classes of my own creation which are available in Outland.

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