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Welcome to Outland
A Guide to Outland
Races of Outland
Classes of Outland
Character Creation
Societies of Outland
Geography of Outland
Creatures of Outland
Magic of Outland

"Where one Savage travels, others follow."
     - Warden Eulin Ironfire

The Basics

Basically oval in shape, Outland is about 700 miles long, and approximately 350 miles thick in the center.

In Outland, the temperature is always that of early summer. Temperatures vary from 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Precipitation is common, but happens mostly at night. However, occasional rainfalls do occur during the day. The low-lying areas of Outland are sometimes subject to thick, coloured fogs, which can linger for days. These fogs are slightly pink in hue (as opposed to the standard grey), with veins of purple and red running through them. No one is quite sure why the fog is such an odd colour.

Outland is ringed by a massive mountain chain (The Savage Fangs), which runs approximately 1,000-1,200 miles in length. It (along with the Aludian ocean to the south) form a barrier around Outland designed to keep the Savages out, and the Outlanders in. PCs who inquire as to what lies on the other side of the mountain are told that this is the domain of the Savages. They are cautioned never to cross the mountains, for this enemy is fierce, and would certainly kill them.

There is a border of land (referred to as the Boundary), approximately 5 miles wide, between the Savage Fangs and the Shimmering Mists. This border consists of flat grasslands, with nothing to block line of site. Even the grass is only inches high. This area is guarded by the Border Wardens, and strange beings known as the Committed.