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"For it came to pass that the Wise Men of the World saw the great evil that roamed the land. Then, they did gather unto them those whose eyes saw through the veil of evil. Together, they did travel unto a hidden land."
     - The Tome of Remembrance

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Greetings, childe. I am the Mentor - although my friends call me Araskor. Don't let the tales of the mighty Araskor Blackmantle frighten you. I am not a cruel man. I am to be your teacher, guide, and guru; for it is the task of a Mentor to act as a helmsman, to steer our people through the reefs of ignorance that would destroy our land. But enough of aquatic metaphors. You are here to learn.

There is much to study, consider, and hopefully one day, to come to understand. Outland may be small by Savage standards, but it is a rich, fertile land. And, while small, it too hides its share of secrets. To unlock these secrets is why you have come to me. The buttons you see to your left will allow you to examine the lore we Mentors have gathered over the centuries. You'll learn of Outland's history, her people, geography, and even her darker side. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

You have but to choose a topic. Our greatest tomes lie at your fingertips....

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