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"The spy's cunning and guile is as important to our defense as the warrior's sword and the mage's spell."
     - Spymaster Ultha of Stronghold

FleetIn Outland, Fleet takes on a slightly more serious role than he does in the rest of Tryll. While still seen as a mischevous and fickle trickster (and still worshipped as the patron deity of thieves and merchants), Fleet is also considered the patron deity of spies. Outland has an impressive spy network, which they use to infilitrate the rest of Tryll. The majority of these spies venerate Fleet, worshipping him above all other powers.

To the general public, Fleet is similar to Fieros - he aids in the defense of Outland, and thus is an honoured and respected god. However, the average person does not worship Fleet, apart from invoking his aid during the occasional game of chance.