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Welcome to Outland
A Guide to Outland
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Magic of Outland

"The gods made man, and elves and dwarf. But mere differences in height, shape or appearance pale when compared to the difference between the Wise and the Savage."
     - Lord Chancellor Qedimahr III

Outland is a place of great mental diversity. Wonderous universities, fantastic museums, and brilliant minds abound. Racial diversity, however, is something we lack. Greetings, Seeker of Enlightenment. I am Ulmont Topringer, humble sage and servant to the mighty Lord Chancellor. It is my duty to study the flora and fauna of our great land, cataloging past knowledge, and sorting through the new. But I digress - you came here to find out about the sentient races of Outland, did you not?

A wise quest, Seeker. A troll is a dangerous, yet mindless, beast. An intelligent man need not fear such a predator. But an orc - there, we find a mind behind the muscle. A will to wield steel and the brains to plot and plan. This makes for a deadly opponent.

By far the most populous race in Outland are the humans. We make up 90% of the population (at least, as far as our 5 year Census tells us), and are the most common people of the land. Humans are said to control Outland; some of the demihumans even go so far as to say we are dictators! This is nonsense of course. As we all know, the Lord Chancellor and the Council of Nine are chosen from among the brightests and wisest of us all. The fact that there has never been a demihuman Lord Chancellor is meaningless, given the odds. After all, there are 18 humans for every elf or dwarf in the land. Statistically, a demihuman Lord Chancellor is unlikely. And, of course, there has always been at least one Council Member - charges of that being a "token demihuman" are totally unfounded.

After the humans, elves and dwarves are the next most populous sentient race. They make up around 7% of the population, and most are concentrated in Stronghold. There are a few in the outlying farming regions, but they are indeed a rare sight. Many dwarves have lobbied for the right to establish a village on or in the mountains. However, this would interfere with the job our wonderful Knights of the Guardian Hawk do to protect our borders, and so the Council have always (wisely) voted against such an action.

The remaining three percent? Well, a hodge podge, really. Half-elves, gnomes - even one ogre (who, I believe, lives in the village of Arin, near Wariness Keep). So, as you can see, Outland is a thriving land, with diverse elements joining together to create an almost ideal society. Occasionally, Savages stray in from Beyond. Of those, many stay to become new and important members of our society.