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Welcome to Outland
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Magic of Outland

"And then he said 'Oh yeah? Well, if you don't like it, go find somewhere better to live!' So I did."
     - Founder Gertadarhuck

It was the Dark Times, when Tryll was wont to tear itself apart through war, magic, and deceipt. Men of great Wisdom, given to Contemplation and Brilliant Thinking, did their best to stem the tide of darkness that threatened to wash life from the land itself. But the petty, selfish, and childish lords and kings of the world did heed them not, casting their Wisdom aside like trash.

The Wise tried to make the ignorant see the error of their ways, but their words of Understanding and Insight crashed against closed minds. Finally, fearing that the end of the world was upon them, the Wise decided upon a last, desperate course of action. They gathered together those who could also recognize the state of the world, and they did travel, leaving their homes and possessions behind, in search of a more Enlightened land.

The magically gifted among the Wise did search the lands, until they found a new home for the refugees. Hidden away, protected and embraced by a large mountain range, a secluded valley was found. The refugees did make their way here, and tried to begin new lives. But the petty and violent lords of the land would not have it. They saw the peace, love and Understanding of this new land, and envied it. Sadly, not enough to embrace the philosophies of the Wise - only enough to try to destroy the valley.

Soon, the wise were embroiled in the very wars they had tried to end. Fearing that they too would fall into centuries of battle, the Wise sought for many years for an answer. Finally, they found it. The clerics and mages of the Wise joined their hands together, and did render upon the land mighty magics. After months of effort, and death from exhaustion of more than a few of the spell wielders, their work was done. The Shimmering Mists had been created.

When next the armies of the unenlightened came next to do war, they found only mist and fog. The peaceful valley was gone, in its place, only a confusing mist. Many thousands of the army were lost in these mists, never to be seen again. Foolish Savage mages tried to destroy the Mists, only to fail. The gods refused to intervene, casting their approval on the side of the Wise. After years of trying to pierce the mists, eventually the ignorant kings gave up, and returned to their own mutual slaughter.

The centuries passed, and the valley eventually faded from the minds of the ignorant. The Wise flourished. In honour of their status, they did name the valley Outland - symbolizing their self-imposed exile from the rest of the world. While the Savages forgot about Outland, the Outlanders never forgot the Savages. They remain vigilant to this day, guarding their borders against any incursions. Should the Savages ever discover Outland again, they will find a people who are ready to defend themselves.