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Welcome to Outland
A Guide to Outland
Races of Outland
Classes of Outland
Character Creation
Societies of Outland
Geography of Outland
Creatures of Outland
Magic of Outland

"And if you look to your left, you'll see a rampaging army of Knights who have come here to kill you."
     - Tour Guide, speaking to Savages

The Savage Fangs

The Savage Fangs Mountain Range is truly impressive; the range itself is shaped like an inverted "C", and is approximately 600 miles long. The various mountains which compose the range are tall, craggy, and inhospitable. Travel through the range is almost impossible, except at four strategic passes. Each mountain pass (called, from left to right, Vigilance, Wariness, and Sentinel Pass) are guarded by a castle, named for the pass they protect.

The two ends of the range cup the Aludian Ocean. The area between the mountains and the ocean (on each side) are protected by two further castles: Sentry Keep and Guardsman's Keep.

Aludian Ocean

The Aludian Ocean is a large, deep (no one knows how deep) body of water. It is home to numerous species of animals (both natural and fantastic), but (it is believed) no sentient races. The sands of the beaches of the Aludian are brilliant and white, creating some of the most beautiful beaches ever seen. The water temperature of the Aludian is usually around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Boundary

The Boundary is an area of flat grasslands which lie between the Savage Fangs and the Shimmering Mists, which ranges from 10-20 miles in width. This area has no obstructions, and nothing to hide behind (even the grass is only inches high). Any character moving through this area can be seen for miles - and will likely be spotted by the Border Wardens.

Within 2 miles of the Savage Fangs, there is a flat 15% chance that fleeing characters will be spotted by a Border Warden (modified by the DM to suit individual circumstances). The first thing a Border Warden does upon spotting interlopers is to sound their hunting horns - there is a 35% chance that 1d2 Border Wardens will hear the call, and respond within 2d10+10 minutes. There is also a 50% chance (rolled separately) that the call will be heard by 1d4 of the Committed, who respond within 1d4+1 minutes.

The Unsleeping Guardians

Outland is almost totally surrounded by mountains and ocean. There are only five easily accessible passes into the valley - three mountain passes and the two areas between the Savage Fangs and the Aludian Ocean. Each of these areas is protected by a mighty fortress - the Unsleeping Guardians of Outland.

These castles are: Sentry Keep, Vigilance Keep, Wariness Keep, Sentinel Keep, and Guardsman's Keep. Each keep is manned by members of the Order of the Guardian Hawk. These elite knights protect these passes, allowing no one to pass unless that individual has proper authorization (which can only be attained at the main city of Stronghold). The Order's main purpose is to prevent raids from enemies "beyond the Fangs". They also refuse to allow anyone to leave Outland unless they have official approval.

The Shimmering Mists

The Shimmering Mists appear as a huge wall of dense grey fog, which stretches from the ground up as high as anyone can see or possibly travel. Theses Mists (which were placed here hundreds of years ago by powerful mages) are designed to confuse and disorient any Savage who tries to enter Outland, and hopefully turn the around.

The Mists also works in reverse - anyone from within Outland who tries to leave can be confused by the mists, and sent back into Outland. Only specially trained Border Wardens (and most Mentors) know how to traverse the Mists successfully. And they will not do so unless specifically ordered to.