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"From the most humble of beginnings comes the greatest of men."
     - Mentor Anark Hardrock

Village of Arin

The Village of Arin

Who Rules: This is open to debate. According to the men, Arin is ruled by the Town Preceptor, a man appointed to rule Arin by the Lord Chancellor of Stronghold. The Preceptor, a wise and tolerant man named Kerrigan Strong-arm (LG hm F13 DOB 474 AS - area 28), does not rule with an iron fist. Instead, he has created a Council, with members appointed from various families within town (members are appointed once per year, at a town gathering, in an open vote). There are currently five Councilors - Shore Terringston (LG hm DOB 463 AS - area 19), Cambrian Nell (NG hm DOB 479 AS - area 21), Oriel Aelspan (CG hm DOB 443 AS - area 43) and Telpir Greth (LE hm T14 DOB 481 AS - Telpir, an agent of the Hidden, behaves as if he were LG - area 58).

If you listen to the women, the town is ruled by the Town Mothers. This organization is made up of - you guessed it - the mothers of the town's citizens. They meet daily (the meetings are informal, and not everyone shows up for each meeting) in various town homes to discuss the village, its men, and how the latter can be stopped from destroying the former (the women are firmly convinced that, if left to their own devices, the men would turn every building into a saloon). While each member of the Town Mothers are technically equal, three of the older members are its unofficial leaders - the majority of the other mothers bow to their decisions. These ladies (referred to as First Mothers) are Kayla Terrington (LG hf DOB 469 AS - wife of Councilor Shore - area 19), Elenella Greth (LE hf DOB 449 AS - mother of Telpir Greth - area 58) and Leetha Strong-arm (NG hf T10 DOB 490 AS - area 49). Each woman is detailed further in their home settings.

Population: 249. Almost completely human, with one ogre.

Major Products: Arin is a farming community, and the outlying homesteads produce mostly wheat, rye and corn. Most farmers bring their crops to the village at harvest time (during the autumn Reaping Festival), where various merchants vie to purchase the crops for transportation to Stronghold, and the varying Unsleeping Guardian keeps.

Armed Forces: The town is protected by Constable Kane Erinhawk (LG hm F10 DOB 481 AS - area 1). Kane commands three deputies: Lep Oaring (LG hm F3 DOB 485 AS - area 37), Elyria Nepinstar (LG hf F3 DOB 489 AS - area 37) and Corinne Tanner (NG hm F3 DOB 489 AS - area 37). If necessary, Kane can release messenger pigeons which fly to Wariness Keep to summon reinforcements. These reinforcements (which will arrive in 1d6+4 days) consists of an elite squadron of Knights of the Guardian Hawk: one Knight-Captain (F12), two Knight-Lieutenants (F7) and ten Knights (L5). In addition, there is a flat 10% chance at any given time for 1d2 Border Wardens to be present.

Notable Fighters:

· Preceptor Kerrigan Strong-arm (LG hm F13 DOB 474 AS - area 28).
· Constable Kane Erinhawk (LG hm F10 DOB 481 AS - area 1).

Notable Temples: Arin houses a temple to the goddess Zyrina (in Tryll, Zyrina is a goddess of farming, harvest and home). This temple is run by Potentate Gravis Tec (NG hm C12 DOB 474 AS - area 51). Gravis is a calm, happy man, deeply devoted both to Zyrina and his fellow townsfolk. Gravis does not own a farm himself, but loves the act of farming. He is just as likely to be out in the fields helping with a problem as he is to be in the temple.

Equipment Shops: Teth's All-Round Supply Store (area 2).

Inns and Taverns: The Smiling Dragon Inn (area 47), Neap's Restaurant and Tavern (area 64), Goth's Gut Fillers (area 33).

Important Features: Arin is the northern-most city of Outland, and the major supply depot for Wariness Keep. Considered one of the outlying areas of defense, it once housed a large contingent of Knights of the Guardian Hawk. However, decades of peace have lulled the townsfolk into a feeling of security, and this contingent has been moved back to Wariness Keep (the building now houses The Smiling Dragon Inn). The Hoary River runs through the east part of town, providing the majority of the village's drinking water. Numerous wells have been dug throughout town, which connect to the river via underground conduits.

Map Keys

1. Constabulary: This is the town Constabulary and jails. It is run by Constable Kane Erinhawk (LG hm F10 DOB 481 AS), a kind, gentle man, and a firm believer in the advantages of law and order. Easygoing and fun-loving, Kane turns deadly serious if confronted with a crime. However, this rarely happens in Arin, and so Kane spends most of his time tutoring interested children in sword play (using wooden practice swords). While the village dispenses its own justice, those convicted of very serious crimes are sent on to Stronghold for punishment. Kane lives here alone. He is sometimes teased for choosing three female deputies, but Kane recognizes talent when he sees it - and doesn't believe in discrimination.

2. Teth's All-round Supply Store: Owned by Teth Kodrummond (NG hm DOB 471 AS), this store carries most anything that could conceivably be needed by your average villager or farmer. Ropes, lanterns, flour, candles, candies, you name it. Teth carries little in the way of "adventuring" gear, however. Teth is a fun-loving man, and has a weakness for bad jokes. Villagers are fond of saying "When you shop at Teth, you pay two prices. The first is low - money for your purchases. The second is high - listening to Teth's jokes".

3. Private Home: Home of Kagdar Menderwood (CG hm DOB 486 AS). Kagdar is, to put it kindly, a bit slow. As other townsfolk have remarked "Kagdar's horse isn't trotting on all four shoes". Still, he is kind and good-hearted, and a friend and protector to every child in town. Kagdar makes his living out of helping around town, doing odd jobs and chores. The townsfolk tend to pay him in food and goods, as Kagdar does not understand money, or its relative value.

4. Blacksmith.

5. Well.

6. Mentor Seminary: This building is home to three Mentors - Ariskor Blackmantle (for more information, see document entitled NPCs of Outland), Keenga Ort (LG hm DOB 455 AS) and Lope Nore'an (LG hm DOB 461 AS). For further details on Mentors, see the document entitled The Mentors. The building also houses three classrooms, in which local children receive their schooling. Pel Winterborn (son of Johkan and Marda, area 39) lives here, the personal student of Ariskor.

7. Private Home.

8. Private Home: This is the home of Echenna Jasit (NG hf DOB 478 AS), daughter of Oriel and Julesta (area 43). Echenna is married to Rolspen Jasit (NG hm DOB 471 AS), a scribe from Stronghold, who moved here in 501 AS. Rolspen makes his living hiring his services to various individuals in town, and is also employed to keep the Minutes of Council meetings. Echenna and Rolspen have three children, Repine (hm DOB 501 AS), Keshianna (hf DOB 505 AS) and Ullecht (hf DOB 509 AS).

9. Private Home.

10. Seminary Dorms: This building is home to the children whom the Mentors identify as being gifted - those destined for training, and eventual postings as Wardens or Knights. Currently, t the dorms are empty, except for Gideon Falcon (NG hm DOB 475 AS), the caretaker.

11. Private Home.

12. Farmer's Home.

13. Private Home.

14. Private Home.

15. Private Home.

16. Bridgemaster: This is the home of Seikan Orming (N hm DOB 469 AS). Seikan is the Bridgemaster - a relatively high-sounding title for a care-keeper, but Seikan knows his place. Seikan makes sure the bridge is in good repair, and collects the crossing toll (1 gp per person, 2 per horse, and 5 per cart). However, he never collects from villagers - only visitors are required to pay the toll. Seikan is a dour, quiet man who likes solitude and peace. He expects respect from children, but treats all others as equals - despite their actual station.

17. Private Home.

18. Private Home.

19. Councilor Shore Terringston's Home: This is the home of Councilor Shore Terringston (LG hm DOB 463 AS). Shore is a strict and honourable man, who feels that only through rigid adherence to law and order can a society hope to prosper. Balancing this is the man's sense of justice and fair play. Shore is married to First Mother Kayla Terrington (LG hf DOB 469 AS), one of the three most influential Town Mothers. Kayla shares many of her husband's beliefs, but is lighter and more fun-loving. However, she is all business when it comes to the welfare of her village. They have three children. The eldest, Kaning, is a Knight of the Guardian Hawk, stationed at Wariness Keep. The other two live here in town - Elspeth (area 59) and Manat (area 66). Kaning was married, and has four children (three boys and a girl). His wife was killed in 508 AS, and the children live here with their grandparents.

20. Private Home.

21. Home of Councilor Cambrian Nell: This home belongs to Councilor Cambrian Nell (NG hm DOB 479 AS). Despite his their many philosophical differences (while both men champion the cause of good, Shore feels that Law is just as important, while Cambrian disagrees), Cambrian is good friends with his fellow councilor Shore. He and his wife Yuden (NG hf DOB 477 AS) can often be found at the Terringston home, and the Terringstons are often here with the Nells. Cambrian and Yuden have five children. The eldest two are identical twins, Elix and Trig (NG hm F1 DOB 493 AS). The remainder are Leera (CG hf DOB 495 AS), Canista (NG hf DOB 496 AS) and Lesk (NG hf DOB 498 AS).

22. Private Home.

23. Private Home.

24. Well.

25. Private Home.

26. Potter's Home.

27. Private Home.

28. Council Hall: This building is where the Town Councilors meet, and is also the home of Preceptor Kerrigan Strong-arm (LG hm F13 DOB 474 AS). Kerrigan is a wise and patient man, who realizes that the best way to get people to work well together is to share the responsibility. As such, he has created the Councilor system - even though he technically has control of the town, via Official edict. Kerrigan's wife died a few years ago, leaving him with a young daughter, Kasha (NG hf DOB 505 AS).

29. Well.

30. Private Home.

31. Private Home.

32. Cobbler's Home.

33. Goth's Gut Fillers: This restaurant serves large portions at cheap prices, but cleanliness is not exactly high on Goth Grommet's (CG hm F3 DOB 480 AS) priorities. Goth wears the same outfit - black leather pants, brown tunic, and white (well, it was white once) apron - every day, and washes it whenever he's caught in a rainstorm. The food is of average quality, but, as Goth is fond of saying, the portions would "choke an ogre".

34. Private Home.

35. Private Home.

36. Private Home.

37. Barracks: In times of troubles (and in the past) this building houses Knights of the Guardian Hawk who are stationed here. Currently, it is home only to three of the town deputies: Lep Oaring (LG hm F3 DOB 485 AS), Elyria Nepinstar (LG hf F3 DOB 489 AS) and Corinne Tanner (NG hm F3 DOB 489 AS). While each woman lives here, they all have fiancées in town. The problem is, no woman is willing to give up her job for marriage. Lep is currently engaged to Ohgdar Fierman (CG hm F5 DOB 480 AS - area 41), Elyria to Ouvrin Kapstar (LN hm C3 DOB 485 AS - area 55) and Corinne to Skander Morth (NE hm T12 DOB 476 AS - area 61).

38. Physician and Hospital: This is the home of Doctor Kanding Rohr (NG hm DOB 471 AS). Doctor Rohr is a capable physician (Skill Level 5 Healer), and has seen to the town's wounds and illnesses for the past since 496 AS. Born and raised here in Arin, the Doctor spent 10 years in Stronghold learning his trade. Kanding loves his village, and is fiercely proud of it and its inhabitants. His hospital work is aided by his wife, Nurse Oota (NG hf DOB 476 AS). He met Oota in Stronghold, and married her there. Oota likes Arin, and loves her husband, but sometimes misses here home city of Stronghold. They have three children, Setae (NG hf DOB 499 AS), Kan (CG hm DOB 501 AS) and Extar (NG hm DOB 503 AS).

39. Baker's Home: This is the home of Johkan (NG hm DOB 461 AS) and Marda Winterborn (NG hf DOB 469 AS). Johkan is a third generation baker, and his family has lived here in Arin for over one hundred years. The Winterborns have always been important and well-respected in Arin. The Winterborns have five children: Severin (LG hm DOB 485), the twins Cryzees (NG hm T1 DOB 487 AS) and Remigar (CG hm F1 DOB 487 AS), Pel (who know lives at the Mentor Seminar at area 6) and Eve (NG hf C2 DOB 489 AS). Having five children, each of whom is likely to join the Companions of the Crown, has marked the Winterborn family as something special.

40. Private Home.

41. Private Home: This is the home of Ohgdar Fierman (CG hm F5 DOB 480 AS), fiancée of deputy Lep Oaring (LG hm F3 DOB 485 AS). Ohgdar is a bear of a man, with thick, curly black hair and beard, and fierce brown eyes. He is known both for his strength (18/00) and his wild temper. Many assumed he would become a Knight of the Guardian Hawk as a child, and indeed, he was offered such a position. However, Ohgdar did the unheard of - and turned down the offer. He claims he is much to independent to "run around like a tin-plated sheep" - an attitude which has not won him the hearts of most townsfolk. Lep, while sometimes exasperated by Ohgdar's loud, boisterous manner, is totally infatuated with the burly warrior. And he, for his part, loves her like no other.

42. Private Home: This is the home of Kell Aelspan (NG hm DOB 469 AS), son of Oriel and Julesta (area 43). Kell is married to Axona (NG hf DOB 475 AS), and has four daughters - Eessa (NG hf DOB 491 AS), Pluranna (CG hf DOB 493 AS), Cecila (CG hf DOB 495 AS) and Lanessi (LG hf DOB 499 AS). Kell makes a living working for his father Oriel, as a messenger and dogsbody for the Council. His wife is well-known in the village as a highly competent seamstress (Skill Level 4), and thus supplements the family income nicely. Of the four daughters, the first three live at home, and as yet, have no suitors or job prospects. Lanessi, however, is employed as a secretary by the Constable.

43. Home of Councilor Oriel Aelspan: This is the home of Oriel Aelspan (CG hm DOB 443 AS) and his wife Julesta (NG hf DOB 450 AS). Oriel is a strong, vibrant man who, despite his years, still enjoys a good arm wrestling match (he has a Strength of 17). Oriel's hobby (some say obsession) is brewing ale, and he has a full, if small, brewery in his basement. He keeps some of his stock, but sells most of it to the Smiling Dragon Inn and Neap's Restaurant. Julesta is a jovial, good natured woman, who loves children with a passion. While her own children are grown up, and have moved away (area 42, area 54 and area 8), Julesta is constantly surrounded by her grandchildren, as well as any other children from town who happen to drop by. Julesta is famous for her baking, and her pies are a particular favourite.

44. Private Home.

45. Well.

46. Sage's Home.

47. The Smiling Dragon Inn: This friendly, clean inn is run by three sisters: Linta (NG hf DOB 471 AS), Skella (NG hf DOB 473 AS) and Indeena (NG hf DOB 475 AS). While the sisters never married, they are attractive and vivacious women, who have left a string of broken hearts among the townsfolk (the town blacksmith - area 4 - has long had a secret crush on Linta). Linta, the eldest sister, is the leader of the group, and the most pragmatic of the three. She runs the inn well, with the help of her sisters. Each woman is a gifted singer and musician (Linta plays the harp, Skella the flute and Indeena the harpsichord). They often take turns as the evening's entertainment at the inn, and the place is sure to fill up on such nights. Rarely, they play together - on such nights, the inn is packed, not only with locals, but with visitors from Wariness Keep and Kerinthas.

48. Outhouses.

49. Home of First Mother Leetha Strong-arm: This is the home of Leetha Strong-arm (NG hf T10 DOB 490 AS), one of the most influential Town Mothers. Leetha is a strong woman, both in body (Strength 18/42) but in mind (Intelligence 16 Wisdom 15). She is quite nimble (Dexterity 17), and spent a few years in her youth as an acrobat in touring with Circus Lethal. She settled down here at the age of 18 in the year 508 AS, with her young daughter Wista (hf DOB 507 AS). Leetha refuses to speak of Wista's father. While young, and a foreigner to boot, Leetha's gentle good humour and undeniable intelligence has made most of the other Town Mothers look up to her - enough to earn her a position as First Mother. Of for the other First Mothers, Kayla Terrington (area 19) finds her charming, and a worthwhile member of the Town Mothers. Elenella Greth (area 58), however, hates the beautiful young acrobat, and actively plots against her - she is quite vocal about having a woman of "questionable moral fiber" in so important a position.

50. Home of the Knight of the Guardian Hawk.

51. Temple of Zyrina: The goddess Zyrina is devoutly worshipped here in Arin. This temple is run by Potentate Gravis Tec (NG hm C12 DOB 474 AS). Gravis is a calm, happy man, deeply devoted both to Zyrina and his fellow townsfolk. Gravis does not own a farm himself, but loves the act of farming. He is just as likely to be out in the fields helping with a problem as he is to be in the temple. Gravis is assisted by Initiate Eve Winterborn (area 39).

52. Mentor Ariskor Blackmantle: This is the home of Mentor Ariskor Blackmantle, probably the most important NPC in an Outland campaign. Ariskor is examined more closely in the document entitled NPCs of Outland.

53. Private Home.

54. Private Home: This is the home of Geanna Aelspan (LG hf C5 DOB 471 AS), daughter of Oriel and Julesta (area 43). Geanna is not married, but does live here with her friend and protector, Lonk (CG ogre male F5 DOB 480 AS). Geanna is a cleric of Tahl, who converted as a child when she met a traveling docent. Tahl is a respected god in the village, even if he is not widely worshipped. Geanna makes her living offering clerical services to those in need (most often being paid in barter), and is a lover of animals. She has a small shrine to Tahl in her home, which also doubles as a veterinary clinic (Skill Level 4 in Animal Health). Geanna met Lonk on the Boundary (a few years ago, she tried to leave Outland, but was turned back by the Border Wardens). Lonk, somewhat bewildered by his unexpected visit to the Shimmering Mists (he was brought in by a powerful mage he was serving - the mage was killed in an encounter with some nathri, but Lonk managed to escape), wandered in to Outland totally by accident. Had it not been for Geanna's intervention, the Border Watch would have killed the hapless ogre. Lonk remembers nothing of his life outside of Outland.

55. Private Home: This is the home of Ouvrin Kapstar (LN hm C3 DOB 485 AS), a cleric of Thorob (a deity of law and order). Thorob is not a particularly welcome god in Outland, so Ouvrin is something of an outcast here in the village. While the townsfolk are never overtly rude to him, they have never accepted the cleric. Elyria, for her part, has always been attracted to the rebel, and Ouvrin fits the bill nicely.

56. Private Home.

57. Well.

58. Home of Councilor Telpir Greth: This is where Councilor Telpir Greth (LE hm T14 DOB 481 AS) lives with his mother, First Mother Elenella Greth (LE hf DOB 449 AS). Both individuals are evil people, and minions of the Hidden. They are here to guide the goings on in town as per the wishes of the Hidden, and to aid in their secret quests. While both individuals are quite evil, they behave more as Lawful Neutral individuals - they know that the villagers would not tolerate the presence of evil people in town.

59. Private Home: This is the home of Elspeth Terringston (NG hf DOB 483 AS), daughter of Councilor Shore and First Mother Kayla Terrington. Elspeth lives here with her husband Lanin (NG hm DOB 481 AS), a local hunter and tracker. Lanin is usually out of town for 2-3 days at a time, patrolling the area, as well as hunting. They have nine children, six boys and three girls.

60. Private Home.

61. Private Home: This is the home of Skander Morth (NE hm T12 DOB 476 AS), fiancée of deputy Corinne. Skandar moved to Arin in 505 AS, and quickly fell in with Corinne. Totally fooled by his devil-may-care charm and wit, Corinne has yet to realize how selfish and nasty Skander really is. For his part, Skander is not your typical thief, and is working on a truly masterful scam here in the village. He uses Corinne for information about the Constable, and other townsfolk.

62. Private Home.

63. Well.

64. Neap's Restaurant and Tavern: This business is owned by Pragmor Neap (NG hm DOB 469 AS) and his wife Shesta (CG hf DOB 471 AS). Both Pragmor and his wife are a large, plump couple, with a love of food and life. They have three children (two girls and a boy), all of whom help out at the restaurant.

65. Private Home.

66. Private Home: This is the home of Manat Terringston (CG hm DOB 481 AS), son of Councilor Shore and First Mother Kayla Terrington. He lives here with his wife, Yura (NG hf DOB 489 AS) and her sister and brother-in-law, Jeanna (NG hf DOB 485 AS) and Hok (CG hm DOB 481 AS) Seeshan. Between the two couples, there are a total of 15 children here (ten of Manat's and Yura, five for Jeanna and Hok).

67. Private Home.

Important NPCs

Preceptor Kerrigan Strong-arm (LG hm F13 DOB 474 AS - area 28): AL LG; AC -3; MV 16; HD 13 (101 hp); THACO 9 (5 after STR modifier, 4 with long swords, 0 with long sword +4); # AT 3; Dmg 1d8+13; SA specialized with long sword; SD none; ML 19; MR none; XP 11,000. STR 19; DEX 10; CON 17; INT 17; WIS 16; CHA 15; COM 12; PER 14

Magic Items: Bracers of defense AC 4, long sword +4 (capable of casting one heal spell per day), border shield +2 (capable of casting mirror image twice per day at 12th level), ring of protection +3, bag of transportation, ring of truth, boots of speed, cloak of displacement.

Description: Kerrigan is a towering, powerful man, standing six feet nine inches in height. His dark black hair has a few streaks of grey showing, but not many. He has a neatly trimmed moustache, and is always clean shaven. Kerrigan has strong, intelligent blue eyes, and his nose is a bit crooked (as a result of an improperly set break many years ago). Kerrigan favours average dress, and is usually found in cotton pants and tunic. For matters of occasion, he wears a distinctive uniform (made for him by Axona Aelspan - area 42) that, while not up to Court standards in Stronghold, is still stylish.

Personality: While a capable warrior, he prefers to remain weaponless (apart from a dagger) most of the time. Kerrigan wishes to stress his role in Arin as a mediator - not as a military despot. While given Official Sanction to rule here, Kerrigan prefers to allow the village a measure of self-rule, and created the Council himself. Kerrigan is also aware, and approves, of the Town Mothers.

Kerrigan is quick with a smile, or to lend a hand when work needs doing. Visitors from Stronghold are sometimes surprised to see the village Preceptor - his sleeves rolled up, covered in sweat and mud - helping the townsfolk to push a wagon out of a muddy ditch. Kerrigan does his best to make time for any who approach him, and often mediates in disputes between neighbours.

Kerrigan is the town magistrate, and takes that duty very seriously. While he can be lenient if the situation warrants, he is not adverse to harsh and cruel punishments for vicious crimes. In the rare instances when a criminal is sentenced to death, Kerrigan himself carries out that grisly task - not because he enjoys it, but because he would not force another to take on such an heinous assignment. In matters of importance to Stronghold, Kerrigan always reserves judgement until he can communicate with his superiors (via his bag of transportation).