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"I kill more Savages before 9 am than most Knights kill all day."
     - Kandar Rocksteel, Border Warden

Border Wardens are elite warriors (often rangers) who patrol the Boundary, watching both for "invaders", and for Outland citizens seeking to approach the Shimmering Mists. Border Wardens are charged with preventing this at all costs, and will attempt to subdue any character attempting to leave Outland. The Wardens travel alone, but are sometimes accompanied by an animal companion; a hawk or a wolf (50% chance of either). These animals are extremely intelligent and healthy specimens, and have better than normal statistics.

Boundary Hawk: INT 9; AL NG; AC 5; MV 1, Fl 36(B); HD 3; THACO 18; # AT 3; Dmg 1d4/1d4/1d2; SA dive; SD nil; MR nil; SZ S; ML 16; XP 100.

Boundary Wolf: INT 9; AL NG; AC 5; MV 18; HD 5; THACO 16; # AT 1; Dmg 1d6+3; SA nil; SD nil; MR nil; SZ M (4-5' long); ML 16; XP 250.

Warden's Companions are bound to their Wardens, much in the same way as a familiar is bound to its mage. Border Wardens can sense the approximate location (approximate direction and distance) of their Companions at all times. Furthermore, while within line of sight, the Companion and its Warden can empathetically communicate.

Border Wardens are usually fighters (75%), although some (25%) are rangers. These individuals range in level from 7th to 15th. Border Wardens travel light, and disdain any armour heavier than chain. They tend to prefer bows and swords, and almost always ride on horseback.