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Welcome to Outland
A Guide to Outland
Races of Outland
Classes of Outland
Character Creation
Societies of Outland
Geography of Outland
Creatures of Outland
Magic of Outland

"Much as a stone wall would crumble to dust were it not for its mortar, so Outland would surely fall apart were it not for the influence of the Mentors."
     - Lord Chancellor Qedimahr III

Mentors are an organized sect of teachers and wisemen, supposedly outside the law, who guide and steer the children of Outland through life. Teachers and philosophers, most children attend classes with Mentors (usually 5-10 children per Mentor) until the age of 16, at which point they take jobs in the village. Certain special children, whom the Mentors identify, are seen as having greater potential. These children may grow up to be Border Wardens, or even Knights of the Guardian Hawk. Some are trained for positions in the Royal Court at Stronghold. Whatever the case, the Mentors keep these children from their mundane tasks, and often take them in and raise them themselves.